Be Prepared

Houdieno greeted me with a smile this morning as she played with the release button on the right side bed rail. She wasn’t trying to pull up on it to release it but was swiping across it repeatedly I think trying to figure it out. We had a little chat then her nurses came in to clean her up. They reported that she seemed a little bothered by the whole cleaning and changing process but did help them out quite a bit. I think maybe Janet is feeling some discomfort in her hips or pelvis and all the rolling around associated with the morning routine may have aggravated that. Just a thought.

I’m changing my tactic with the stretching routine a little. Both her legs were bent pretty tight this morning and I was able to straighten the right one with little effort. I decided since she can move the left one so she may as well move it to a straight position rather than me forcing it. Janet was able to get the angle reduced dramatically and I did the rest. She did show that there was some pain as I started on her hips with some leg raises but only at the start. In the end it was a pretty good stretching session and Tom arrived right at the end to do some shoulder work then lay Janet on her tummy. There is still some discomfort in the right shoulder but Janet hung in there nicely for about half an hour. Tom is excited Janet gets a trial in rehab and will try and see who her therapist will be down there so they can talk and make sure all the info gets past on. Sounds like my role and that of Team Save Janet will be diminished while she is in rehab. Stay tuned for more info on that.

After the tummy session I decided to try and keep Janet going and put her in the wheelchair. She responded well by wheeling very strongly out of her room and down the hall despite the hectic environment out there. Chantelle walked to the elevator with us and saw Janet reach out for the button on command. Unfortunately Janet was in a swiping mood and not a pushing one but the reach out was good. By the time we were on the main floor Janet was asleep and Monika happened by and suggested we go back up anyways as the Patient Care Coordinator for Rehab, Erica, is up there looking at Janet’s chart. We had a nice chat in Janet’s room and she is trying to get Janet down to rehab asap, maybe even today but doubt it. I would like a few days to prepare anyways. Erica is a no nonsense woman who likes CedarCreek Merlot. I think we can work with that. Janet woke up briefly while Erica was there and I put her to bed right after and then she was out for her mid day nap.

Praying for some fun in the sun this afternoon and lots of activity and learning from Janet.


  1. Janet is doing a remarkable job along with your encouragement and the healing hands of our Lord. Keep up the good work!!
    Love from Sharon

  2. Great news about rehab. Fun pic of Mom is her ‘Hawks jersey.

    My Skype handle is andrew.s.wallace. Give me a text sometime to coordinate a chat. I’m also available for a phone call anytime. I should be home for an extended period of time this Saturday evening if you want to try me online or by phone.


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