Stand Up and Be Counted

A warm welcome to the day as Janet was awake and smiling as I came into the room this morning. Her nurse was just about to clean her up and get her dressed so I stepped out to allow that to happen. May as well get our money’s worth. Janet seemed calm and well rested and we had a nice chat with me lying beside her on the bed. Tom came in to make sure OT had brought up The Rack, it arrived shortly after he did so I figured we better get Janet stretched out and ready. She was pretty tight this morning but loosened up nicely in about a half hour. The Rack is the same contraption Janet stood in down in OT last week. It now resides in her room so we can use it two or three times a week.

Tom returned just after nine with Leanne and they got Janet up and into The Rack. There is something about standing up that really appeals to Janet and she got up real nice and straight this morning with both feet flat on the ground. A first. The only time she was really bothered was when Leanne was working her right shoulder. Her vitals stayed steady and she was in good shape, even shifting her weight to her left leg a little, right to the end of the forty five minute session. We then went for an indoor wheelchair ride to see if she could keep going after a workout. Janet nailed the elevator button on command but I drove to the main floor then let her take over. She made it most of the way to the cafeteria before falling asleep. I put her to bed just before eleven after a very successful morning.

I made it home in time to meet with the guy from the mobility equipment company and I have to say I was underwhelmed. He is willing to work with me which is good but I don’t understand how you can be in that business and not be familiar with a product I found online easily and you even specialize in one of that company’s other products. Am I expecting too much from these people? I’m going to try another company while this guy does his homework. Janet’s nurse today has a son with Cerebral Palsy and they had an elevator put in their home. Two companies said it was impossible, the third did it without hesitation and after a number of years it still works great. I think I’ll give them a shot.

Praying for a productive meeting with Dr. McCann this afternoon and a continued bright day for Janet.

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  1. I arrived today to a very alert Janet. Larry, she looks so good with her nice tan!may to go with all your trips outdoors. We started with the coloured fish and I am trying to get her to recognize and point out red but no luck so far.BUT, she loves to take the fish and put the back in the bag where they belong. A very tidy and organized woman. Then I read her the A-Z book on mountains and wildlife. She is fascinated with the pictures and toward the end she was also helping me turn the pages. We also worked on Yes and No but she still seems puzzled by it.

    I had prayer with her and then sadly said good-bye. She has such a sweet spirit. Jack and I continue to pray for complete healing and for wisdom for you for planning the “next steps.” You are Both loved Heidi

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