On Trial

Janet was soundly sleeping when I returned and awoke just as I was ready to leave for my meeting with Dr. McCann. I took a few minutes to explain what was happening then off I went.

Dr. McCann surprised me by starting the meeting with “Before you say anything, I’m going to order a two week trial in rehab for Janet”. I think he felt I was coming in to get mad at him or something. I hid my excitement at his announcement and told him my concern about not all the information about Janet getting to him and others on the team and the fact that I spend more time than anyone with her but am not sure my voice is being heard. He agreed and listened to my list of recent accomplishments by Janet and summarized his feelings. He feels Janet deserves a chance at rehab and knows my concern about LTC and that I’m thinking of taking her home but wants to give her a shot before any of that happens. She’s not officially ready for rehab but he is hoping that the experience will trigger more progress for her. He hopes the routine and more active days will help bring her out of the fog more and spark more improvements. Dr. Miller talked to him this morning after seeing Janet, he’s the neuro psychologist and saw Janet very early this morning, and he feels Janet is showing signs of progress. Apparently she squeezed his hand this morning. Yippeee, welcome to the month of July Dr. Miller. Anyways, bottom line is Janet gets at least two weeks in rehab, more if she progresses, she will be put on “delay” for moving to LTC as soon as rehab accepts her onto their list which should be tomorrow. Janet could start in rehab in the next week or two. Dr. McCann is taking a risk here as Janet will be taking a bed from someone who truly qualifies and he will look bad if she doesn’t progress in the program but I feel he believes she has a chance at success and it would be worse if he didn’t give her a chance. I think Tom’s reports have been a big help in getting us here and in fact the whole team was excited today. Seems a little surreal but it is happening.

I told Janet the good news when I got back and I think she gets it. Dr. McCann said he would be up to see her right away and he showed up just after I told Janet to give him a big smile when he came in. She lifted her head and looked right at him and did give a little smile. High five! He chatted briefly and looked at each of her arms before leaving to write the order. It was getting kinda late so we headed out. Janet drove part way down the hall but it was pretty busy again so I took over. Wendy (social worker) met us a few feet from the elevators and talked to us as Janet pushed along. Janet nailed the elevator button with Wendy watching (secret high five) and did well driving on the main floor as Wendy continued her visit. Outside, Janet gave a great effort driving towards the beach but I took it easy on her and took over at the first big hill. The beach was beautiful today and we managed another nice tanning session. Janet drove quite a bit outside today and showed a real determination to move that chair especially when we got inside the Centennial Building. An unofficial speed record for down that big hallway and a real good attempt at that bump in the last doorway. Another direct hit on the elevator button and back to her room we went.

I let her get warm for a few minutes then started stretching her out for the night. She keeps wanting to bend that left leg up at the knee all the time and I got a little mad at her about it. Seemed to work as she kept it down the entire time we read Anne and watched some highlights of that ridiculous football game from last night. She still had it nice and straight when I said goodnight.

Thanking Jesus for all we have been blessed with and looking forward to an active day of learning tomorrow.


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