Janet was all nice and cleaned and dressed and awake when I arrived this morning. We had a nice little chat, I did all the talking again, then I got her to swab her mouth. This time she thought the swab was more a lolly pop and just held it in her mouth for a bit then pulled it out and had a look then put it back in and left it. At least she’s not scared of it anymore but she doesn’t like the taste of the Nystatin. I told her to start swallowing better then she wouldn’t need it. Simple.

Our morning stretch went well considering how tightly wound up Janet seemed. It took more than a half hour to get her limbered up. She had a brief nap after that which gave me time to go to OT and get new straps and sleeves for her splint as Janet had lost the top strap overnight and the sleeves were pretty tattered. I bumped into Cathryn while I was there and updated her on the home care situation and mentioned Tom’s idea of a trial run at rehab. She had received an email from Tom regarding that and from her body language I would say she’s not supportive and said that Tom should speak to Dr. McCann. There is a meeting in the works.

I read Pastor Tim’s newspaper column to Janet as the basis of it was bear safety and Janet is an expert on that from her preschool days. She followed along intently and there were a few slight smiles along the way. It was getting a little late and Tom had not been by so I decided to get Janet up and going. I raised the bed to about thirty five degrees and brought her right leg over to the right side of the bed. I asked her to move her left leg each time I moved the right and she did so. Once both legs were over the side of the bed she automatically started pushing herself up with her left arm. It took all of her strength but she made it to a nice sitting position all on her own. High five! We did some back stretching and standing then Tom showed up and put her through some transfer exercises using the wooden sliding board. Janet held her posture well and followed Tom’s commands very well as long as what was being asked made sense and wasn’t scary. She is a little scared sitting on the board still but today was better. Janet did a lot of weight shifting and repositioning on her own which seemed to make Tom happy.

That was a busy morning of workouts so it was back into bed and time for a late lunch for Janet and for me to head home for mine which was a very nice bowl of pea soup made and delivered by the best neighbors anyone could have. Thanks Barb and Gary! Looking forward to the casserole tomorrow.

Praying for some fun in the sun this afternoon and continuation of the progress being made.

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