I really want to start this by talking about that crazy Monday Night Football game tonight but I won’t because this is a blog about Janet’s recovery.

Janet was snoozing when I returned and didn’t pop her eyes open till almost three. I could tell she was getting close to waking so I laid on the bed beside her and she put her arm around me and smiled and patted my shoulder for a bit. I’m getting lots of tender moments like this lately and I could not be happier about it.

I could have hung out like that for the entire afternoon but felt it was important to get Janet moving so a stretching we went then into the wheelchair for some sun and fresh air. The hallway on her ward was pretty chaotic so I drove quickly through there and let Janet drive on the main floor where she gave a solid performance. She was very impressive outside as she drove from the Strathcona entrance all the way to Abbott St. across from the beach. I had to help her over a few of the larger bumps and inclines, but still. High five! The beach was very quiet despite the nice warm day then we headed off for a short walk as I wanted to be back in time for dinner and the start of the football game. Janet drove a little more along Abbott St. and again on Long St. She is really gaining confidence with her wheelchair. She seemed uncomfortable once we got inside and refused to drive the long hallway but I convinced her to try the bump through the last doorway and from about twenty feet out she made an outstanding run at it. Her best attempt yet, making it about eighty percent of the way over. High five!

I just had time to get her into bed to relax and warm up a bit before starting her dinner feed then going down to the waiting room to watch a little football. I couldn’t tell if she really wanted to go or not but I put her Seahawks jersey on her and we headed down, feed pump and all. Once parked in front of the TV I asked her if she was ready for some football and she looked at me and smiled. She smiled again as the intro to the game started and it became very clear it was a Seahawks game we were watching. We stayed for the first quarter and I watched Janet from time to time and she was scanning the TV with her eyes and apparently trying to figure things out not just blankly sitting there like she would have been doing six weeks ago. Fun.

Back in the room it was time for me to get her all ready for bed before darkness set in and I thanked her repeatedly for going to the game with me. More smiles.Seahawks MNF As for the game. Holy crap! I’m really glad I saw it but NFL, please bring back the real refs. That was embarrassing.

Today was a really fun and encouraging day with Janet. She showed an ability to follow commands, determination to complete a task and a true awareness of things going on around her. Sets things up nicely for my chat with Dr. McCann tomorrow. Dr. Jones is the Hospitalist this week again and he stopped me in the hall to say he had been hearing good things about Janet and will talk to us tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

Praying for continued healing and a restful night for Janet as well as a fun and productive day tomorrow.


  1. What an awesome idea, Larry! Made me smile to picture Mom in her jersey and you guys watching the game together. If only the hospital served chili cheese nachos!!

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