Gangnam Style

Janet was looking calm and rested and in pretty much the same position I left her in when I returned this afternoon. I guess I was only gone an hour and a half but it was like she never moved. She was a little warm as the sun was blasting in and is so low now that it hits her bed directly. Might have to close the blinds if she keeps getting too hot. A little stretch time and off we went to enjoy what is supposed to be the last “warm” day of the year. Janet did really well driving her chair down to the elevators and she nailed the elevator button on command with no assistance at all. High five! By the time we got to the beach she was sound asleep and I spent the next thirty minutes sitting beside her holding her head up as I wanted her to get some sun and fresh air. It paid off as when she awoke we went for a nice walk to Water St. and the highway then Janet set a speed record for driving down the Centennial Building hallway. High five!

Back in bed we read a chapter of Anne and watched some YouTube. I showed her the video Gangnam Style by Psy and I think she enjoyed it. Not sure how you can’t. I told her when she gets better we will learn that one. She definitely enjoyed the clip from Ellen where Psy comes out to teach Britney Spears the dance. Janet smiled twice during that! I tried a little iBlackboard with her but she was getting too tired to play. Not any less aware though as I told her she was cute after a large yawn and she raised her brow and I swear rolled her eyes at me like she would before all this happened if I complimented her and she wasn’t feeling it herself. Good to see.

While getting ready for bed Janet swabbed her mouth with the Nystatin and brushed her teeth with her new toothbrush. She managed to do the bottom molars on both sides this time so I think the new brush was worth the ninety nine cents. A pretty solid day leading into what could be a very interesting week. Praying for complete healing, restoration of the ability to communicate, wisdom in my decision making, strength and intelligence for me in this week’s meetings and wisdom and understanding for the medical team.

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