Janet popped her eyes open after I gave her a kiss on the forehead this morning. She seemed well rested from the night but clearly needed some time to fully wake up. Her nurses came in to clean her up and get her dressed and by the time they were done Janet was reasonably bright. We had a little chat then started stretching. I’m pretty happy with how that went and see more and more how her flexibility is related to her relative state of calmness. If she is bothered by anything it’s much tougher to stretch her out. I let her do the Nystatin this morning and she continues to improve her technique. We chatted some more as I wanted her relaxed and ready for lying on her tummy. She had a real moment of clarity when I was telling her how well she was doing and how I want her to just get better and take her home. I was kneeling beside the bed with my face right up close to her and she reached out and started patting my shoulder then rubbing my hair for a long time. It felt like she was telling me she knows what’s happening and she wants to get better too.

I rolled her onto her tummy but couldn’t seem to get her comfortable enough to last more than fifteen minutes. Still good for her though. Next was sitting and standing and she gave a real strong effort at those and even reached out and touched her nose on command while sitting. A first for me.

Not sure if her workouts are harder on her or me, I was sweating after this morning’s session, mostly because my back was in the sun the whole time I guess. Janet had a little power nap afterwards and is about to start lunch so I’ll head out for mine and hope to get her outside before the sun is too low.

Thankful for the progress being made.

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