Houdieno had a big smile for me this morning when I walked into the room and had she ever been in action. One pillow on the floor, one strap off of her splint, one bed sheet completely off of her and kicked down to the foot of the bed and her blanket covering her hips and nothing else. She was lying on her right side trying to release the right upper bed rail but wasn’t able to pull up hard enough.

I managed to get her stretched out pretty well then gave her the chance to scrub her tongue with the Nystatin. She did really well, treating it more like a toothbrush and smiling too much while she did it but it was good. I would be interested to see how she did with swishing some of the liquid around in her mouth as she seems to know what it’s for now.

Knowing it was bath time around 10:30, I got her sitting up to do some exercises. She did really well leaning forward to touch her shins then getting herself back up, leaning back to almost forty five degrees and getting herself back up, leaning on her left arm way past forty five degrees and getting herself back up and leaning on her right arm to maybe twenty degrees and getting herself back up. We did a whole bunch of these moves and it was a good workout and she was clearly getting tired so I laid her down for a few minutes then the nurses came in to get her to the bath. Last time Janet sat in a shower chair that freaked her out and she was uncomfortable the whole time so this week we tried a bath chair that has nice padding on it and she did really really well. Came back all clean and smelling fresh and even gave a little smile as she came into the room. Ten minutes later she was sound asleep and I was off for my break.

Thanking Jesus for all we have been blessed with and looking forward to a fun afternoon.

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