Never Say Never

A slow start to the day as Janet slept till about nine and took a while to build energy after opening her eyes. She seemed well rested and calm though which is nice. We did a little stretching and I tried hunting down her nurses at the same time as I noticed Janet’s PJ top was gone and I could tell where a bunch of formula had been spilled overnight. The ward has been very busy the last couple days with lots of new admissions and thankfully others moving out. There are a few people in the hallway which makes me feel bad that Janet has her massive room all to herself. A case could be made for needing it though as I can really see the benefit of sleeping for her. I finally found Lesa and she told me Janet’s PJ top had been washed and was hanging in the bathroom. It was indeed. Lesa had no knowledge of how things got so messy. I let Janet try and scrub her tongue with the Nystatin swab and she did really well with it. Dr. Nodekopp gave permission to try a real toothbrush tonight. Yay!

The stretching went well with the left leg being as tight as ever. Tom stopped by to say he likely would not make it in to see Janet today as he had to work in the ER. We had a very interesting talk. He has requested an all department meeting regarding Janet and her outlook for rehab. He mentioned there are differing opinions out there as to her current state and potential for recovery. I agreed and told him I have a meeting with Dr. McCann Tuesday afternoon as I am concerned that not all information about Janet is getting to the right people. Tom said that Dr. McCann was apparently in to see Janet on the 18th and I gathered Tom didn’t agree with whatever Dr. McCann reported. I wasn’t aware of that visit and Tom may have it mixed up with last week’s visit. Bottom line is Tom is happy with Janet’s progress and is aiming for a trial in rehab as soon as possible. He is pleased with the way she handled the two sessions down there this week and feels she needs a more active approach to her recovery. He is not at all happy with the results from the Botox injections saying Janet should not be able to move her left leg at all and we should easily be able to manipulate it any way we want. We can’t and she can and does. Not that long ago I was thinking it was time to change from Tom. I may have been wrong. Should be an interesting coming week.

After Tom’s visit I rolled Janet over onto her tummy for half an hour. There is some soreness in her right shoulder that Tom says is normal for her condition and as long as we don’t force it into an extreme position Janet will be fine. Her legs stretched out really well and she was lifting and lowering her left lower leg on command repeatedly. After a short rest I had her sit herself up on the right side of the bed, she needed a little help, then we did some standing. She was very impressive with that today and I swear even asked me to do it again. She put her left hand on my shoulder and looked at me like “let’s go” and I could see her tense up ready to be lifted so up she went again and she stood probably the straightest yet.

Because the nurses were so busy I started Janet’s lunch feed just before noon then headed home for my lunch. Praying for some fun in the sun on this last official day of summer.

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