Ain’t Misbehaven’

Janet was ready for action when I returned and after a little stretch I got her shoes on and sat her on the edge of the bed. As mentioned before, Janet takes a little while to loosen up and I noticed she was quite crooked when she sat up despite being very awake. One remedy I’ve found is by kneeling before her so I can stabilize her legs, putting one hand just above her chest and the other on the small of her back and pulling that hand toward me to straighten her back. That seems to help relax her everywhere else and she really perks up too. She got almost too perky as she put on a large mischievous smile the third or fourth time and attempted to pull my shirt right over my head. She thought it was hilarious and would not stop trying, each time with a large tooth filled grin. I didn’t let her go too far as that would be wrong. Wouldn’t it?

I finally got her into the wheelchair and off we drove to the beach. Interestingly she refused her eye glasses again today but happily put her sunglasses on as we went outside. I wonder if as she is becoming more aware she is realizing the deficiencies of her vision and that the glasses don’t help. Maybe they even make it worse? It was a little windy at the beach again, this time with some notable coolness to it. Things are changing dang it. We walked the sunniest route I could find stopping to let Janet touch flowers, grape vines and other plants. We saw two little dogs that came right up to Janet’s feet but they wouldn’t stop to let her pet them. She did notice them though and I think that’s a first. The farthest we got from KGH today was the corner of Water St. and Harvey. The traffic and noise did not seem to bother Janet at all and I thought it might be good to get a little jolt of the bustle of the city. Back in the Centennial lobby she battled me in not wanting to drive her wheelchair. I asked her if anything hurt and to show me where if so. She continued to hold onto her left pant leg so I massaged that leg a little and insisted she needs the exercise and it’s good practice for rehab. After the massage she agreed to drive and made it all the way down the hall with a really big push to get most of the way over this silly bump at the last doorway. I usually help her over that one but she did most of it herself today. She knew that was as far as she had to go and stopped immediately and shot me a look. I praised her and gave her a high five.

Back in the room she undid her seat belt as soon as I asked her and removed her hat as soon as I asked her and as I got ready to lift her into bed she would not let me until she had placed the seat belt well out of the way. No hesitation in laying down and she did so with a very relieved look on her face. She doesn’t seem uncomfortable in the wheelchair or in pain other than the leg moment. I wish she could tell me what’s bugging her.

We read a chapter of Anne after I started her dinner feed. We are real close to the end now and it was hard for me to stop at one chapter but it’s best for Janet to spread it out I think. We talked a little and I told her how Nash played in the hose while I was home this afternoon. That actually brought a smile to her face. First time for a stated fact like that I think. All other smiles have come from me greeting her or teasing her a little or a response to some laughter somewhere. Combine that with the self produced smile as she took my shirt off and I’d say Janet has reached a higher level of awareness. She was even aware enough to watch a sermon podcast on Goodness from Wayne on her iPad. You had her the whole time Wayne and she even smiled at the end when I told her all the ways she has demonstrated Goodness over the years.

I got her all set for bed and let her try to brush her teeth. She did fairly well but had a hard time turning the brush to hit all the different angles. She ended by pulling the brush out to study it then chomping on it and leaving it hanging from the left side of her mouth. She smiled as I laughed. She definitely gets the concept and I’m sure will get better at it with practice. She seemed a little anxious or bothered as I was about to leave and it’s difficult for me to deal with when she can’t tell me what the issue is. I told her I would be thinking of her tonight and how she tried to pull my shirt off. She smiled and that was a good cue to leave.

Praying for a restful and healing night, a restoration of the ability to talk and a fun day tomorrow.

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