What a Difference Ade Makes

A much more cheerful Janet greeted me this morning. She looks better and is not nasally and had quite a bit of energy. After a little chat we did some stretching and I was pleased with how that went. Still a struggle with the usual things but much better than yesterday. Tom came in at nine to say Janet would be going to OT to try a standing frame at eleven. That meant we had some time after the stretching for some school work. iBlackboard only produced some circles and a weak attempt at an x. I think part of the challenge is having Janet and the iPad in the right positions to make it easy for her. I haven’t figured out what those are yet. Maybe Kiko’s iPen will help. I read a picture book with her and asked her to point to various things in some of the pictures. With a lot of help she came real close to pointing to a dog. I think we have to be happy with an attempt to point because her vision will not allow her to hit the target exactly.

Right after pointing to the dog she closed her eyes for a little nap. Turned out to be a good one as when she woke it was time to head to OT. I let her drive part way there to wake her up some more, she did well. Tom and Jessica met us and took us to the OT workout area. Tom wheeled Janet up to this contraption and got Janet’s feet positioned. Chantelle joined us and along with Jessica helped stand Janet up while Tom adjusted a belt around Janet’s hips. Janet looked very worried going into this thing but once she was up she stayed very calm and everyone was pleased with her posture. The left leg, inexplicably, won’t straighten completely but everything else was great and Janet’s pulse and BP were way lower than the tilt table and stayed that way the whole twenty minutes she was up. We are convinced Janet is not uncomfortable on the tilt table but scared.

Janet drove part way back to her room. I didn’t work her too hard after all that standing. Back on the bed she had no interest in sitting as she started laying down as soon as her butt hit. Time for lunch then a visit from Janet F. Hopefully she stayed awake for that.

Praying for a fun filled afternoon.


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