Janet was awake and looking pretty calm and content when I got back this afternoon. After a little stretching we got ready to head for the sun. I sat Janet up and gave her time to loosen up a little more. She always seems to sit a little crooked at first. One nice hug later and it was into the wheelchair. I gave her her hat and she promptly put it on. I held out her eye glasses and asked her if she wanted to wear them. I’m pretty sure I saw a little head shake no and she made no motion for the glasses at all. When she does want them she’ll reach right out and take them so I put them away and off we went. The hallway was very busy when we left so I drove to the elevators and with some help Janet pushed the down button. On the main floor she did not want to drive at all so we headed straight for the beach. Again, Janet was very calmly enjoying the sun and the little kids playing on the beach. We left a little early though as the wind came up a bit and I couldn’t bare to watch as one mom was so distracted by her kid feeding a duck that she let her baby crawl right into the first few inches of the lake. She kept looking over to him from about fifty feet away but not doing anything and I was tempted to go get the kid but figured she knows what she’s doing so rather than watch in helpless horror I released Janet’s brakes and off we went. I’m sure Janet was cringing inside as she is the queen of “don’t go out too far”. I never used to be like that. What’s happening to me? Too much Anne of Green Gables?

We walked the route I tried yesterday and Janet stayed awake the whole time today. We went as far as the South Pandosy shopping area and I took Janet past our take out sushi place and the store we used to rent movies from. She did not seem to care about either place probably because they were in the shade. By the end of the trip she was getting a little restless in the wheelchair so I didn’t force any driving on her. She needed help with the up button and was very happy to be covered up in bed. We read a chapter of Anne and practiced on the iBlackboard and some of the preschool apps with nothing really exciting to report yet. In getting ready for bed she assisted me in scrubbing her tongue with the Nystatin and I let her brush her teeth but it’s a little awkward with the suction hose attached so I’m going to ask the Dr. if we can use a regular toothbrush from now on. I think she can handle it. Janet knows how challenged I am when it comes to taking off and putting on her shirts and PJ tops etc. and tonight she had a smirk on her face as I was clearly having trouble getting her PJ top lined up so I could button it. She found the first button and held it for me till I had the other side ready. All with a smirk. I know she was laughing at me and I told her so then the smirk turned into a smile. We said our goodnight prayer and I got my goodnight kiss and although she was eyes open I think she was close to sleeping and seemed very content as I reminded her what a good day she had.

Praying for a restful night of healing and a positive and fun day of learning tomorrow.

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