Questions = Questions

Janet has had a rather dull day so far. It is beautifully bright and sunny and warm outside but she has been out of sorts all day. No smiles, a weak kiss and the appearance of being bothered by something. I thought maybe she had a cold as she is a little nasally but her vitals are all fine. Her session down in rehab with Tom went fine considering her reduced level of brightness. I don’t think the new environment bothered her at all. She reacted to the different sights and sounds around the room but was still able to focus on Tom and the task at hand. I’m confident she can workout in that environment and I think Tom was pleased in that respect too. It is very clear that Janet is no where near ready to be there full time. I had her drive her wheelchair out of rehab and she did well, much slower than yesterday though and that may in part be due to the busyness around her. She was looking around a lot with a little bit of a worried look on her face.

The meeting at the house with Chantelle and Cathy brought up more questions than answers unfortunately. The big issue, as I thought, is entry into the house. Cathy does not have enough knowledge to know if a vertical chair lift would work at the front door or not. She seems to favor a porch lift up to the balcony at our bedroom. Without that question answered all other issues are moot so the next step is going to be having someone from a company that installs lifts look at the house and see what they recommend. Stay tuned.

Praying for a brighter Janet and some fun in the sun this afternoon.

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