A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words

Houdieno was at it a little when I got back this afternoon and even gave me a little smile when I got right up to her. Still not a lot of energy there but she seemed in better spirits. I started stretching her but she was much looser than this morning so I elected to get her out in the sunshine instead. I had to really work at getting a reaction from her as to whether she wanted to go out or anything. I threatened to jump onto the bed with her and that brought a reasonable smile to her face. Based on that I figured it was time to go. We had forgotten to weigh Janet yesterday so I asked Mirella if we could do that as I was getting her up. She brought in this cool little chair that weighs you when you sit in it. No change from last week for Janet and she didn’t have to fly this time. Because her weight is stable and she is tolerating the formula she will only be weighed on the first of each month now.

I managed to get Janet to drive the wheelchair from the main floor elevator to the outside door but that was about it today. An even warmer day than yesterday made for a busier beach today. Janet seemed to be soaking up the sun really nicely and even managed an assisted wave to a two year old boy that waddled by. I decided to head south on Abbott St. with her for something different in hopes that would brighten her up but three blocks away she was sound asleep. I drove the wheelchair all the way back with one hand and the other hand holding Janet’s head up a little.

Back in the room as soon as she was lying down she opened her eyes but I told her I was going to head home because she is so sleepy. She seemed to understand and closed her eyes as we said our goodnight prayer, opened them on Amen and gave me a little goodnight kiss. Seconds later her eyes were closed again. I felt sad leaving her when she first opened her eyes but the prayer and kiss told me she is not as out of it as she seemed today and probably has good reason to sleep.

Praying for a restful and healing night and a solid day of learning tomorrow.

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