I was welcomed with a very nice smile this morning and a very bright Janet. She must have followed my instructions and got a good nights sleep. We got a good stretch in and then Tom dropped by to say he would not be able to take Janet to rehab today. No time. We will try tomorrow.

Chantelle and Cathy dropped by just after that and we had a real interesting and busy visit. They watched me transfer Janet from bed to wheelchair and were happy with my technique. Cathy was most impressed with Janet’s ability to sit up so nice and straight. I demonstrated our standing drill as well and got top marks for that. Cathy tried teaching us a standing pivot move to use as a transfer but Janet is not strong enough to pull that one off yet. Something to work towards. Once in the chair we went for a little drive and Janet grabbed the bed rail to back the chair away from the bed then did a real good job driving while being observed. Nice performance under pressure. High five! Tomorrow morning they both will come to the house to see if it is suitable for Janet to live in.

Tom reappeared a few minutes after the OT girls left and we practiced having Janet sit up from a near laying down position. She did well and with more practice I’m sure will be escaping with greater frequency. Tom was happy with Janet’s weight shifting abilities and how she moved her left leg to achieve more stability when sitting. Lots of good signs including a high five.

Lunch has begun and Janet is napping so I’m heading out to cut the grass. Looking forward to some tanning action this afternoon.


    1. Yes and so did your first one. You know everyone can see your comments right? If your trying to get your Skype name to me please email it. If you are doing a Janet impersonation from five years ago, well done!

      1. Sorry. I have sent 2 previous incredibly involved Leslie type messages that apparently disappeared into the ether. I just wanted to make sure that if I sent another it would be you and those others that I love, or those that love my sister that laughed at me and not someone from an alternate universe!
        Now that I know that I am in good company to be embarrassing, I shall reiterate what only those on planet Kobal were previously privey to.
        Out right now. Will be intouch tomorrow.
        Love to you and her

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