Fast and Steady

Another great smile as I walked into Janet’s room this afternoon. I hope Heidi got one during her visit just prior. A nice stretch then out into the sunshine. Janet drove well down the hall to the elevators and with a little coaching hit the down button. She then drove down the main floor hall to the outside door in record time and even tried a little driving on the first section of sidewalk outside. She is definitely gaining confidence with the wheelchair.

While we basked in the sun at the beach we called Mary/Gaga and Janet reacted to some of her mom’s comments. A slight smirk once, a raised brow once and frequent looks at the phone. After a twenty minute tanning session we headed off for a walk. I invited Janet to drive in a couple open and flat areas along Abbott St. and she did but seemed to sense when there was a hazard nearing like a downhill section or a bump. We had a little texting chat with Kiko who is in Japan and sent her a picture to remind her how beautiful it is here. We met a one and a half year old and very friendly Lab, about the size of twenty Nashes, who Janet patted a little shyly. Back in the Centennial Building Janet set a personal record for distance (middle of lobby to info desk in Royal Building) and speed (I could actually walk a steady pace beside her for about a minute) and earned a strong high five! All the excitement from that accomplishment must have made her forget how to push as she did her swiping over the elevator button again. Oh well a solid performance anyways.

Back in the room it was time for a brief nap then a chapter of Anne then a little You Tube watching. She enjoyed some of The Voice clips I showed her and the Olate Dogs but not So You Think You Can Dance. It was then time to get ready for bed. Our day ended with a smile and a goodnight kiss and Janet seeming to not quite be ready for sleep yet but I had to go as it was getting dark.

Looking forward to the home inspection tomorrow and the possible workout at Rehab. Praying as always for complete healing and restoration of the ability to communicate.

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