Lazy Day of Summer

Seemed as though Janet had a good nap while I was gone. She was awake when I got back but appeared to have not moved much if at all. I was a little worried with her being curled up for so long but she stretched out just fine so we headed out for a walk in the sun. We had a really nice time soaking up some rays at the beach. She made me laugh when she took her glasses off and hung them by one arm in the collar of her shirt. A very styling move that I don’t ever remember her doing. Cute. We took a slow warm walk in the sun for about an hour then Janet drove most of the way down the long Centennial Building hallway. Back in the room Janet didn’t seem to have much energy left but stayed awake so I climbed onto the bed beside her for a few minutes and got a huge smile from her and some shoulder pats and rubs. It was a nice quiet ten minutes. After she got plugged in for dinner I read a chapter of Anne to her. She listened intently and smiled at me a couple times when I had some difficulty reading. I still can’t believe how that book gets me.

I decided to call an early night as although Janet was awake she wasn’t all that responsive so I got her ready and said goodnight at 6:30. A chance for me to do nothing tonight except update this blog.

Tom said he will try and set up a session in the rehab unit for Janet tomorrow morning. I coached her to get lots of rest tonight and be ready for that. Chantelle and someone named Cathy from Community Health are going to visit Janet tomorrow and then inspect our house Wednesday morning to see how realistic bringing Janet into that building is.

Thanking Jesus for all the time I get to spend with Janet especially in this beautiful weather. Praying for healing and restoration of Janet’s ability to communicate.

One comment

  1. Larry, remember to look after yourself..When a partner or a spouse gets very ill the focus usually is on the sick or infirm, leaving the other party kind of grasping at pick-up sticksand before too long both of you are ill, I don’t want to tell you how to go about your business, I am really concerned for Janet and you, so please maintain an even keelso that you can be strong when need be. Your concerned friend Greg

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