Standing Ovation

When I arrived this morning Sarah was just finishing getting Janet ready for the day. She commented on how well Janet is following commands now. I encouraged her to make a note of what she notices. She said Janet was very helpful in getting dressed and was definitely following every move Sarah made. I commented that Janet had gotten out of bed the other morning and Sarah added that she heard Janet had lowered one of the bed rails. I hadn’t heard that one but am not surprised as I’ve seen her reach over and grab the release button on the right upper rail before. Houdieno indeed.

I took a long time stretching Janet this morning, really working her right arm and left leg. I got good results but needed every minute I used to get them. Dr. Nottekopp came in and we had a good chat. I explained how I was noticing more tone in the right leg and how tight the left knee is. He asked about the Botox and had a look at her legs and arm. He said to keep stretching often and we’ll keep an eye on things. Speaking of eyes I asked him about Janet’s vision. He gave her a quick exam and said that without her communicating there is no way to tell for sure but it would make sense that she would be neglecting her right side just like her right arm and leg. He left field is probably good and the right not so good. The eyes look healthy so the problem is brain related and until she can let us know we have to wait. I told him of the head shake no I think I got yesterday. Just for the record. He seemed pleased to hear that.

I did some sitting and standing with Janet and we set a record for time standing. Two minutes! I say we because I have to hold her up and despite her smallness that’s not easy. Standing seems to be something she really enjoys. She was nice and straight and looking around each of the four times we stood. High five! Just like the tilt table I can tell she is getting a workout while standing but before she got too tired I tried some sit ups with her. While sitting on the edge of the bed, I held both hands in her lap, leaned her back a ways then asked her to sit back up. She was quite happy to do this a number of times going farther and farther back. I could almost see her abs working.

All morning Janet has had a bit of a stuffy nose so I decided to see if she would or could blow it. Surprisingly she did! Not hard but enough to get a little something on the Kleenex. High five!

It’s now nap time after that busy morning. Praying for another fun in the sun afternoon.

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  1. Note to self…read all postings before commenting. Second posting answered my comment Larry…thanks. So Janet to love her workouts!

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