Follow Your Nose

Janet was awake when I returned around two this afternoon and it appeared that she had a good nap. We did a little stretching then video skyped Laurel, Raju and Cam. It was pretty funny as Janet and I were getting ready to head out for some sunshine and Laurel looked like she was dressed for winter. Janet watched and listened but I’m not sure what she could really see as the Skype image didn’t have a lot of color and was a little dark so kinda hard for her to process what she was seeing. I believe she knew the voices though. We called Heather after that with similar results but better picture quality. If any of you out of towners wish to try a video Skype with Janet send me your Skype name and we’ll see what we can do.

Outside we walked some of the same area we did yesterday plus one new street. Janet followed a command to smell a flower. She leaned forward and put her nose up to a yellow rose and some other flower and I thought that was pretty good as all I said was “want to smell the flower?” That’s going in the Dr. McCann file. Back inside Janet made it all the way down the Centennial Building hallway again. The last few meters she kept going while we chatted with Dr. Main as he passed by. Even gave me a high five while he was watching. Moments later she nailed the elevator button right away. Seems to like the up one a little better than down.

Back in the room we watched a message from on having fun in a marriage. Janet actually watched the entire thirty six minutes even looking over at me with raised brows a couple times. I made a few comments about the message afterwards and got some smiles from Janet. After a little break including some much improved nose blowing I tried some iBlackboard with her and got some decent results as I tried getting her to write yes and no. I had to lead her all the time but she got the motion down pretty good towards the end.

After a change I got her dressed for bed as she was falling asleep around 6:30. A very enjoyable day. Praying for a productive and healing tomorrow.


  1. Larry I would love to try the Skype thing with Janet. Even exchanging phone calls would be greatly appreciated if you think it a bennificilal activity. From a purely selfish stand point, it would benifit me tremendously. I feel entirely impotent out here. I hang on your every blog but feel quite paralyzed to do anything to help. I was speaking to Mom this evening and she encouraged me to pursue this with you. So, here I am, asking.
    Thank you again for being so incredibly wonderful, and loving Janet so spectacularly.
    Love to you all
    ( Nash too!)

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