Month Four

Houdieno was awake and resting her head on the right bed rail when I returned at two. We just had time to stretch before the cleaner came in to do a “terminal clean” of Janet’s room post C diff. We headed for the sunshine and Janet was reluctant to drive her wheelchair I think because the hallway was quite busy. At the elevator she pulled off another unassisted button push and off to the beach we went. Since we had an hour and a half before her room would be ready I decided to take Janet on a bit of an adventure. We discovered a street (more like a laneway but actually a street) close to the lake that went all the way to the highway right at the east end of the bridge. Lots of new things to look at and a warm summer afternoon to enjoy. Janet seemed very comfy and content and was taking in as much as she is able. She felt so good that she even rolled up her right hand sleeve to expose more arm and a little shoulder for tanning. I pulled up the left one to match as you can see in the picture. I was a little slow to snap as she did have a little smile and was looking at the camera just prior to this. Sorry. An hour and a half later we entered the Centennial Building and I hoped Janet would try and break her distance record. I got something better. I asked her if she wanted to switch glasses like I always do when we get back inside. She did so quickly as she usually does. I then asked her if she wanted to drive. There was a look and I’m pretty sure a shake of the head no. I wasn’t believing it at first so I put her hand on the wheel or at least tried to, she resisted, and put her hand back on her lap. I’m pretty confident there was a head shake no as she clearly did not want to drive. I told her how excited I was about that and we carried on. Half way down the hall I asked her again if she wanted to drive, explaining just to the doors and she did so, then promptly stopped knowing that was as far as she had to go. When we got to the elevator I barely had to ask her and she was all over pushing the up button. High five!

Our walk ended back in her room in time to get into to bed for dinner and for me to go to church. When I got back at seven Janet was awake and hugging the right bed rail. I gave her a good stretch, changed her for bed and brushed her teeth then read a chapter of Anne. She was just starting to yawn as I left for the night after getting amazing smiles and nice kisses. I don’t think she slept at all today. She had her eyes closed for five minutes while lying on her tummy this morning. Her nurse did not notice her sleeping during my break and I saw no evidence of sleep when I got back from church. I told her that was cool but I hope it means she will sleep well tonight.

I could not have asked for a better day on the four month anniversary. Janet looks great, and is showing signs of being brighter and brighter. It’s still a roller coaster and there are issues with the right side extremities and her vision but after today I’m quite hopeful there is significant progress yet to be made. That progress will come by the grace of God through your continued prayers and by Team Save Janet staying strong and active. Thank you all for what you have done so far.


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  1. Larry, about Janet’s vision, has she had an eye exam? Can they determine what her vision actually is? She looks so darn adorable in her white hat! What a marked improvement from four months ago. We need to pray for more sunshine for those nice walks! Give her a hug from me please.

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