C done!

Good news and not so good news with the C diff. being declared gone again. No more gowns and gloves but now Janet is back on the active list for transfer. I feel a little better about it after our visit to Cottonwoods yesterday and with the possibility of bringing her home. Probably the best part is she gets to have a shower! First one in a long time. She’s there right now and I’ll let you know how it went at the end of this update.

Janet was awake when I got in this morning and looking quite relaxed. We had a little chat and said our morning prayer, she held my hand, closed her eyes and opened them on amen. I’ve often wondered what she thought of the praying together thing as its something we only did together at meal times. I think she is liking those moments.

I got a much improved stretch out of her this morning. The left knee was still quite tight but I laid her on her tummy for half an hour and it totally relaxed. She did well when asked to lift her lower left leg up and down and when I asked her to do the same with the right one I actually felt a little downward pressure from her. Interesting.

Janet is back from her shower and despite being a little cold I think she feels good. She sure smells better. She was a little uncomfortable in the shower chair at first but fine when she came back. I thought she might fall right to sleep but she’s still going strong. I’m going to head out anyways as I’ve got to get the pool ready for closing. Sad.

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