Houdieno 2

Houdieno successfully escaped early this morning, landing on the fall mat on the left side of her bed. This is the second escape for Janet and this one resulted in a small abrasion on her left hip. She opened her eyes when I walked in just after eight and seemed a little agitated still. She was curled up more than I’d like to see so I started stretching her out as soon as Rhonda and Diana got her cleaned up and dressed. She fell into a deep sleep before I could get to her legs so I took it easy there then let her sleep.

Dr. Sharko came in to ask about the C diff. and if a sample had been sent in. I am not aware of one being done so we are still in gowns and gloves which means Janet is still on hold for transfer. I’m letting this one play itself out. Dr. Sharko is supportive of the idea of taking Janet home and reiterated the concern that there be a large team in place. More to come on this.

Janet still sleeping at eleven so I’m out.

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