Janet was sleepy when I returned around two but woke up right away. I gave her some time to really wake up then I started stretching her. She was pretty curled up when I got there so she was hard to stretch out. There is more tone in the right leg every day it seems and her right foot is a little swollen. I did manage to get that leg stretched out but I don’t think she was enjoying the workout that much. Her left leg is really tight at the knee but loosened up after a lot of work. I sat her on the edge of the bed for a bit and she made a couple really good attempts at brushing her hair. She stood up nice and tall a couple times then it was into the wheelchair and she seemed a lot more comfortable than when I had arrived an hour earlier.

Apparently she was really comfortable because she fell asleep driving her wheelchair just a few doors down from her room. We went outside anyways as I didn’t think she would go into a deep sleep but she was out for twenty minutes while we sat in the sun. Seemingly awake I decided to take her on a bit of an adventure. We walked up to Cottonwoods. Not the nicest walk but it was sunny and warm and I think the busyness of Pandosy St. and Rose Ave. were good for her. Hard to fall asleep there. When we arrived at Cottonwoods I explained what it was and that she may be living there for a while then we went in to have a look around. I headed right for the daycare but the kids were outside so we continued down the hall to the rehab wing. It was pretty quiet and I have no idea what Janet thought of it all but it did have a nicer feel to it than the hospital. On the way back the kids were back in the daycare and we stopped so Janet could look in through the hallway windows. Two little girls immediately ran over and waved and tapped on the window. Not sure if Janet saw them or not so I told her to say hi to them. She shot me a look then I held up her left arm and said say hi to the little girls. She waved at them. I could not tell for sure she saw them but she waved anyways. All in all it was worth the trek up there even if just to give Janet something new to see and hear.

Back in the room she went straight to laying down and I read her a newspaper article I thought she might be interested in but she was sleeping three paragraphs into it. Still sleeping at six I woke her up a little to get her changed for the night. I didn’t get much of a smile but I did get my goodnight kiss.

Praying for a night of healing, not escaping and a day of progress.

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