Janet opened her eyes as I walked into her room this afternoon. I let her wake up for a bit and had a chat with Chantelle who had some info on medical equipment suppliers for me. It seems a little premature but I was looking online and found a deal on a bed that would be good for Janet at home. Good to know there is stuff out there I guess. I explained to Chantelle my concern about what info is getting passed on re Janet’s accomplishments etc. She sympathized but it’s out of her scope of work so she promised to mention it to Wendy the Social Worker. Staying with that topic, I met with Cathryn this evening and discussed it with her. She made a good point in that I may be noticing things and mentioning them and the info may or may not get passed on but the bottom line is the Dr.’s and nurses and OT’s and PT’s have to see the behaviors and the behaviors have to be consistent in order to make it into Janet’s chart and be given any serious consideration. The goal is not to have Janet do it once in a while or only at her best time of day it has to be anytime someone asks. Cathryn did test Janet by asking her to take her hand. There was no response so I told Cathryn to use the word hold instead of take. She did and Janet reached out and held her hand. She squeezed lightly on command. Cathryn was pleased but later cautioned that it has been noted previously that Janet has performed this behavior before. Yes, but she still followed your command. Cathryn thinks it’s best we have a meeting with Dr. McCann and she will arrange for that to happen soon.

After a little stretching I got Janet into the wheelchair and out we went. Janet’s driving to the elevators was good but once again she seemed to forget how to push the elevator button and just swiped her hand across it. The beach was absolutely beautiful today and Janet sat comfortably for twenty minutes there soaking up the sun. It must have really energized her because we went for a long walk after that and she never demonstrated any discomfort, never even took off her sunglasses, which is usually a first sign of her getting restless. We came back to the hospital using the new Centennial Building entrance and Janet set a distance record for driving her wheelchair. She did the marathon course of Centennial lobby all the way down the hall to the Royal Building entrance. Well within seventeen feet of it so that means she went a good 150 feet on her own. Huge high five!!She also pushed the elevator button on her own to go back up to the fourth floor. High five!

Back in the room she again wanted to lay down right away so I got her all comfy and read a chapter of Anne to her. I manage to hold it together through this chapter and Janet was as attentive as ever. I would read an interesting line and look at her and she would look at me like “I’m listening”. At least that’s what it seems like. By the time I finished reading there was just enough time to do her mouth care, a little stretch, talk to Cathryn then say goodnight after Jen and Rhonda had changed her for the night. I found it very hard to leave tonight as some of the emotion of all this info coming at me took over and she was smiling at me the whole time I was trying to pray and say goodnight.

I hope everyone reading this will ramp up their prayers for a complete recovery and a quick regaining of the ability to speak. I also hope the Kelowna Team can get back to visiting Janet on a regular basis. Janet really does benefit from your visits and if you hit her at the right time you may even get a smile.

Praying for a restful and healing night and an active and progressive day tomorrow.


  1. Hang in there Larry!! Coming home in a week and a bit and I can’t wait to see Janet! Got nail clippers. Wait til you see what kind I got her!! So amazing. I was also thinking of getting an iPad friendly pen for Janet to hold as she uses iBlackboard – I thought maybe it would fire up a couple of different brain areas. Thoughts?

    1. Cool idea for an iPen! Cooler to hear from you! Anata o aishite. I hope that is a casual form of love and not the mushy kind. Love you too Joel.

  2. Ahh…finally got access to a computer today. Catching up on all the news and wishing I was back home in Kelowna…not too long now. I’ll see you next week Janet! Love and prayers always, ~Brenda

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