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No code white this afternoon but Houdieno was in action when I got back. She nearly had her butt past the upper rail of the left side of the bed and was leaning up on it pretty high. Could possibly be from all the sitting on the edge of the bed she’s been doing as the position she was in is similar to where I get her to sit up from. Interesting.

I did some quick stretching with her then got her in the wheelchair so we could get out in the sun. Janet did well driving today again. I think she is quite determined to get better at it. We enjoyed a nice walk to the beach where she looked rather disapprovingly at a little brat who was throwing sand at that female duck. Thankfully grandma came along and stopped him or Houdieno may have had something to say. Actually that would have been pretty cool! On our walks I am trying to find as many interesting things for Janet to touch as possible. I’m concerned about her vision, depth perception in particular, and I think reaching out to touch things may help with that? I noticed today she was way off with the elevator button and in trying to grab flowers that were real close to her she was always a few inches to the left of where I would think you would try to touch if you saw clearly. She is becoming more confident in reaching out to make contact so that is a plus.

Back in the room she had no interest in sitting on the edge of the bed. It was left arm down and the rest of her quickly following with a look of where’s my blanket on her face. I covered her up and she got that really relaxed look on her face right away. While we were outside I kept looking for goosebumps as I know how cold sensitive she is. It was cool in the shade and she had her UNBC little zip up on but I guess that wasn’t enough. Fifteen minutes after getting covered up she was napping.

Janet woke up just in time for dinner and was quite bright all of a sudden. I was getting smiles galour and when I said I was climbing into bed with her, then did, she had a huge smile and gave what I’m calling a breath laugh. I really think she tried to laugh but there was no voice there just a couple exhalations of air. Very cute though. I decided to change the routine a little and give her a lite stretch during dinner, get her dressed for bed and do her mouth care. Jen and Corrie changed her when dinner was done and we had enough time to read chapter 29 of Anne. Janet was tuned in the whole time. Best chapter I’ve read. Anne and Diane got invited to Charlottetown for the Exhibition. It’s a very happy and exciting chapter but I found myself getting a little choked up near the end. Am I losing it?

I left Janet all snuggled into bed with a smile on her face after our goodnight prayer and kiss.

My earlier talk with Cathryn gave me a pretty clear picture of where Janet has to get to in order to enter a rehab program. Here it is in point form, no particular order, just the way it was presented to me.

– Functional improvement potential based on diagnosis and prognosis. Hope to learn more about this from Dr. Jones tomorrow.
– Medically stable. ACHIEVED
– Behavior. To allow for ability to engage in rehab program. Janet is sometimes able to engage but those times are unpredictable and inconsistent.
– Discharge Plan. A clear path needs to be seen to the future. Still too many paths Janet could go down. Time will determine this one.
– Physical Therapy. Be able to tolerate being out of bed for three to four hours a day seven days a week. ACHIEVED.
– Physical Therapy. Must have motivation to significantly improve level of functioning. Be non disruptive. ACHIEVED.
– Cognition. Capable of learning and achieving therapy change. Janet is learning but she won’t do something one day then do it the next when asked.
– Psychosocial. Agree to actively participate. Janet is inconsistent at this time.

The KGH rehab program has a maximum stay of three months and the facility at Ponoka has a maximum stay of six to twelve months. Twelve months if you are in the complex care program which is the type of stream Cathryn thinks Janet is headed for.

Looking forward to my conversation with Dr. Jones tomorrow and praying for wisdom in processing all this information. Thanking God for everything accomplished so far.

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  1. Hey Larry, Janet once told me she is not the type to ‘kiss and tell’ so watch out what you divulge.

    Sounds useful to double up needed activities (dinner and stretch) to allow more time for choices, reading, napping, walks etc.

    Also, very great to see ACHIEVE beside so many goals. Good work Janet and good work TEAM – especially Larry.

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