Code White

As I was locking my bike up this morning the KGH alarm went off and they announced “Code white, Royal Building, Level 4, Room 4119. Janet’s room. I immediately thought Houdieno had finally escaped! Seconds later the code was canceled and I thought maybe Houdieno fell out of bed and they didn’t see her right away and now they found her? When I got to the nurses station Jacquie saw me right away and laughed saying the cleaner’s broom handle had slipped and hit the alarm button. Houdieno was sound asleep and stayed that way till 9:20.

When Janet awoke we did our morning stretch then some sitting and standing. Big high five on the standing! I held both her arms and stood up and asked her to stand up with me. She gave it a real good try and I felt bad asking her to do something I know she can’t but Cathryn assured me it’s good to challenge her that way. I won’t do it often but if she is really bright I’ll throw something like that at her. While we waited for Tom I read a magazine article to her and then she fell asleep again till 11:30. Tom never showed so it’s a good thing I had already given her a good workout.

I met with Cathryn and will pass on the details of that conversation tonight. As far as rehab goes Janet is a long ways away. I also had a chat with Dr. Jones who promised and “good chat” tomorrow, painting a broad picture of what Janet’s future may look like. He emphasized the fact that “we will remain hopeful” and both he and Cathryn are onboard with the idea of bringing Janet home.

Time to head back. Praying for an active afternoon.


  1. GO JANET GO!!!!! Cheering you on from the country that knows how to make true sushi! Nice Japanese on that entry a few days back Larry! 🙂 Miss you guys. xoxoxo

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