When Down is Up

When I returned this afternoon it was clear Houdieno had been in action as Janet was lying almost half way onto her tummy on the right side of the bed with her left arm hanging over the bed rail. She was sound asleep after what must have been some solid attempts at escaping. She woke up a few minutes later and I let her come to for a while before stretching her. After a little stretch I figured she was awake enough to call her mom. At one point while Mary/Gaga was talking to her Janet had a big smile on her face and made a movement with her lips like she was trying to talk. I saw that a couple times today. It was then into the wheelchair for some inside touring as it was a little cold for her outside today. Janet continues to impress me with her wheelchair driving abilities. I was talking to Cathy from OT as we went down the hall and by the time we were at the first corner (about seventy five feet) I realized I hadn’t coached Janet once to “push”. She had done it all on her own without stopping. High five! At the elevators she more than made up for yesterday’s lame attempt at pushing the down button as she executed an unassisted reach and push! All I had to do was tell her higher, higher till she reached the button. Major high five! Down on the main floor we headed for rehab and Janet did really well driving the long hallways. There was no one around to help us with the elevator to get down to rehab and it looked kinda quiet in there so we headed back for dinner.

Janet really wanted to sit up on the edge of the bed again so that’s where dinner was served. She was happy there for the first twenty minutes or so. I read some Anne to her for most of the rest of dinner then she got a little restless so I sat her up again and she gave me some hugs and rather naughtily took my gown off. Luckily Jen and Corrie came in to change her before they went off shift or who knows what would have come off next. A little stretch, a change into a gown, booties on, splint on, teeth brushed and a goodnight prayer and off I went as she sleepily tried some Houdieno moves. I don’t think she lasted long as she had been pretty busy for five hours.

On the C diff. front, I spoke to Dr. Jones today and if Janet stays as good as she is now until Thursday when the course of antibiotics ends, he will declare her C diff. free. Yay! There is a little downside to that though. Monika overheard me talking to Dr. Jones and mentioned she wanted to know when Janet is cleared as she has had her on hold from transferring while she has C diff. I half jokingly said we should keep her C diff. positive then so she can stay here. That only got a slight smile from Monika and a “we’ll do what’s right” from Dr. Jones.

I’m still not totally confident in moving Janet to a long term care facility so today started a feasibility study into bringing her home. I talked to Chantelle from OT and she is supportive of the idea and excited by the challenge of seeing if it’s doable. There are a lot of pieces that all have to come together, most importantly, is it best for Janet. Chantelle talked to Monika and surprisingly she supports the idea too. Cathy from OT was a little hesitant but said people have done it. Chantelle has taken the lead on this from the medical team’s perspective and I will do some research into how usable our house is and I will also discuss the idea when I talk to Cathryn tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Praying for an active day of learning tomorrow.

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