A Day of Gains So Far

Janet was dressed and ready to go when I arrived at eight. Music playing, hair brushed and everything. Nice job Jen! Janet was trying real hard to sit up so I got changed and sat her on the side of the bed. We went with facing out to the hallway for something different and she was very alert and happy to be up. She would often look out to see who walked by and reacted to sounds out there as well. She sat very straight all by herself and seemed really content. I tried to get some sound out of her after she hiccuped, which she thinks is pretty funny now, but all I got was a slight opening of the mouth. She stayed up for about forty five minutes and I actually had to make her lay down so I could stretch her out before Tom arrived.

It was tilt table day today and once Janet was up at sixty degrees Leanne did some range of motion with Janet. There was a new lady on orientation today as well and I was impressed with how well Janet participated with the unfamiliar person in the room. She worked well with Leanne again raising and lowering her left arm on command both in front of her and to the side. About a half hour in Tom gave the OK to raise her up to seventy degrees. Janet did not like that at all today, grabbing for me right away and getting quite a worried look on her face. Tom left her with me and I tried to reassure her she was doing well. We checked her vitals and she was good with a Heart Rate of 120+. Five minutes later she wasn’t any calmer and her HR had risen to 140 so I let her down and got back into bed. I really wish she could tell us what was bugging her because she handled that angle really well last week. After she had calmed down the girls came in to weigh Janet. A nice 1.2kg gain over last week! Twenty minutes later she was sound asleep but after I got changed to come home for a break she woke up. I left anyways as it was time for her lunch feed.

Looking forward to an afternoon of learning.

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