X Marks the Smile

An outstanding morning with Janet.

She popped her eyes open when I arrived at eight and we had a little chat. She gave me a few little smiles and a good morning kiss. By the time I got my water and was changed out my cycling gear she was asleep so I waited till 8:30 to start getting her ready for the day. She woke up to help me get her shirt on and then it was stretching time. I was quite happy with the way everything loosened up this morning. Janet seemed pretty bright throughout so I decided to get her sitting. I raised the head of the bed up to about sixty degrees and placed her legs over the edge. I then asked her to sit up from there. With quite a bit of effort she made it. High five! That set the tone for a very fun hour of sitting and standing. Janet was very aware and looking around and looking at me and smiling. She did some of her straightest standing yet and just really seemed to enjoy the whole thing. I actually had to almost force her to lay down when her eyes started closing.

Instead of falling asleep right away after laying down as she usually does, she stayed bright so I put school into session. She made the awesome X on iBlackoard completely unassisted. High five! She was really smily and almost giggly for a while especially after she hiccuped a couple times. This picture is not her best smile but the best one I could capture.

Tom came in at eleven and of course Janet was sound asleep by then so he just did some range of motion and seemed quite pleased with the state of everything.

Praying for more fun this afternoon.



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