The Afternoon Was Just Ducky

Janet was raring to go when I arrived after my break. A quick stretch then into the wheelchair for a drive to the beach. She drove well from her room to the elevators but disappointed me with her attempt at pushing the button. She had really been doing well but this time she kept wiping her fingers over it and not seeming to understand the need to push. There may have been some pressure with Marie standing there watching, not sure.

It was incredibly quiet at the beach today, hardly anyone there and Janet seemed puzzled by it. She seemed to be looking around for all the kids and noises from previous days. We did get a visit from a female duck who I guess was also wondering where everyone went. She came to within inches of us a number of times looking for a handout. Janet either didn’t care or didn’t see the duck until it was right alongside the wheelchair but she did finally notice it and watched it for a while.

Back in the room it was school time again with more iBlackboard work and some speech therapy singing. First time in a while she paid attention to those songs and she liked the female voice much better than the male voice this time too. Still no attempt to talk or sing but lots of smiles and different expressions. We called Laurel and Cam this afternoon and Janet was tuned into their voices for sure. She even smiled when she heard Laurel laugh. I read a chapter of Anne to her but she was getting a little restless by that time so I stretched her out some more and brushed her teeth and got her dressed for bed. She had a smile on her face and seemed comfy and content when I left.

Thank you Roger for your time today. It means a lot to me to have quality people like you to talk to.

Praying for the ability to communicate and for a strong day of learning tomorrow.


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