A very sleepy afternoon for Janet. I got back to her room at 2:45 and she was in a deep and peaceful sleep until 4:45 when she started to play with her hair and wiggle around a little. She opened her eyes just after five and even then didn’t seem all that with it. I decided not to bother with any wheelchair activity and just stretched her out then we watched a sermon podcast from Trinity. She made it through about twenty five minutes of it and she was actually watching and listening but then she nodded off again. I started getting her ready for the night and she woke up enough to help me brush her teeth and take her shirt off and give me a goodnight kiss. She was awake when I left at 7 but not exactly full of energy.

I had a chat with Dr. Jones and he is going to spend some time reviewing Janet’s chart and on Thursday give me his take on what types of injuries she has sustained and what we might be looking at for long term issues. It will be a total guesstimate of course but interesting none the less. I love how he is so interested in her case.

Thank you Barb and Gary for the very good dinner tonight! I could not ask for better neighbors!

Blessings for a safe and enjoyable trip to Japan for you Kiko! Anata no kazoku o homon tanoshimu.

Praying for a restful and healing night for Janet and a productive Monday.

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