Rejoicing in this day that God has made.

Janet was awake and being prepped for the day when I arrived. We went right into some stretching and all went well save for her left leg. Quite tight at the knee. She fell asleep as I was working on that leg and actually slept for over an hour. When she woke I did a little more and got the left leg stretched out pretty good. It was then time for lying on her tummy. Once over her left leg totally relaxed and was nice and flat on the bed. I asked her to lift and lower it a few times which she did very well as long as I got her leg up that first fifteen degrees or so. You could see everything working hard to get her lower leg vertical. High five!

I sat her up on the edge of the bed for some sitting and standing and she performed really well at that too. Nice and tall with the standing and she gave me two nice hugs and one great smile.

I got a huge smile when I got home for my break as well. I have been talking to four different lawyers in regards to Committee of Estate (like power of attorney)and all have said I’m looking at $3,000 at least. One said we might be able to get enough of a response from Janet to do a power of attorney but that seemed a little shady to me. I had asked Wendy if she knew of any lawyers around Trinity that might work with me. She put the word out and Darcy, our Executive Pastor approached Kiko today with some fabulous news. A lawyering couple that only live in Kelowna in the summer have offered to do a Committee of Estate for us for free! Yes, free! I continue to be amazed by God’s grace and power and am grateful to these kind people that I don’t even know.

Looking forward to a fun in the sun afternoon.

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  1. Joel and I visited Janet for a short time this afternoon. When we went in, Janet was awake having her mocha-choco latte but obviously uncomfortable in her left knee 😦 We repositioned her and she seemed relaxed by the end. Sure gonna miss her. But really excited to see all the progress she is going to make in the next two weeks!! 😀

    PS I almost swallowed my tongue and cried at the same time when Darcy told me the good news about the lawyer. I can’t think of a more appropriate weekend for this to have happened. “We’re in!” xoxoxo

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