I’m so excited to write this to you all I don’t know where to begin so I’ll begin at the beginning, which wasn’t that exciting. It was actually a little disappointing.

I arrived back in the room just after three and Janet was awake but looking a little uncomfortable. After a couple minutes I realized her feed pump was still running. I looked at the total delivered and quickly hit the off button. Instead of the prescribed 325ml of formula she was to get, Janet had 1,023ml pumped into her! I got her nurse (the LPN that started the feed) and she acted as if it was no big deal and started to give Janet the water she always gets after to flush the line. That’s another 120ml of fluid with no explanation for the overdose! I went and got Arlene and she reassured me that as long as Janet stayed a little elevated in bed for a half hour she’d be fine. She compared it to eating a massive turkey dinner. I was ok with that and told her I wasn’t too upset about the pump problem but was concerned that no one had checked on Janet from when I left at 12:15 to when I got back at three. She agreed that was not good and had Allison the nurse manager come and talk to me then Janet’s RN came in and said she had checked on Janet at two. I asked ” didn’t you notice the pump still running? No. Huh?

Ok so I guess that was kind of exciting just not in a good way. Janet was fine and by a little after four we were on our way to the beach. Janet was way more comfortable in the wheelchair this afternoon and seemed to really enjoy soaking up some rays. We managed to get close enough to the plum tree for Janet to pick one. She did so effortlessly and I thought she might try to eat it but she put it straight onto her lap and it stayed there the rest of our outing. Not that exciting but positive.

Back in the room I just had time to get Janet into bed and confirm with her nurse she was skipping dinner then I was off to Trinity for the 5:30 service. I’m so grateful to be able to attend such a loving and inspiring church. Wayne’s message was hard hitting, truthful and motivating, the worship team led by Storm was great. Allison, it is always an honor to hear you sing and Kiko your smile and love for God is as inspiring as your talent. The day so far had me feeling a little down as I’m facing some major decisions in the next while but to connect with friends and “family” at Trinity is a huge gift. Thanks y’all! That was exciting but there’s better yet.

After lingering at church dealing with a Twerp and knowing Kiko had gone to see Janet I arrived to find Kiko trying to wake Janet up. Lovingly of course. She did eventually open her eyes and had a little visit before I moved in for the bedtime stretch. I went pretty easy on her as she seemed pretty tired and after I got her gown and splint on for the night I knelt beside her and started saying goodnight. For some reason my emotions snuck up on me and I lost it. I put my head on her chest and through the watery blur I could see her smiling! She started patting my shoulder then rubbing my arm. Smiling all the time. I talked (whispered actually) to her trying to explain how much I love her and how well she is doing and how many people are helping her and praying for her. She kept smiling, raising her eye brows occasionally and blinking her eyes fast as if coming out of a fog. I had to leave a few times to blow my nose and each time I came back there was a new smile for me. These were whole face smiles too, not little mouth smiles, one even showed teeth. I kept expecting her to blurt out a word but smiles will have to do for now. It was incredibly hard to leave and I didn’t until almost nine. I believe she understood every word I said to her. I believe God is doing something amazing with her and I know our lives are never going to be what they were but I believe our lives will be amazing. That is exciting!

Praying for a restful and healing night and smile filled day tomorrow.


  1. Emotions snuck up on me too tonight! In my uber short visit I was talking to Janet about my plans to leave Monday to see my Mom whom I haven’t seen in 3 1/2 years, she quietly listened with attentive eyes. All the sudden it hit me that I am going to miss Janet so much for the next two weeks, and that she has been like a mom that I could come and see in Kelowna…all kinds of emotions… I love going to see her. I literally ran from my car to the hospital in anticipation! I felt the prompting to place my hands on Janet’s hip and head so I did and prayed. May God do amazing things where we simply fall to our knees and say “Only God.” xoxoxo

  2. So beautiful to read and imagine that beautiful connection you had with Janet, Larry! Thanks for sharing it and Praise God for that answered prayer…there’s more to come! Trusting in our good God. xo~Brenda

  3. Larry, writing with blurry eyes, to say how inspiring your emails are and a true confirmation of the Lord working through each one of us, including that big smile of Jan’s when you needed it most. God is surely hearing all of our prayers, so let’s up them, let’s lift the bar this week, make that extra visit to our place of worship, put Janet on every prayers list we can think of! But most of all, let us all BELIEVE that we have been heard, and that God will answer our prayers. For it is when we truly have faith and hope in the power of God, we will keep seeing Janet shine and the miracle keep unfolding.

    God is using Larry to teach us about true love, perseverance, patience, tolerance, community, on and on. Knowing Janet the way I do, she would willingly sacrifice herself if she knew that good was coming from it. So let’s learn the lessons, let’s pass them on. Put mostly lets pray, pray and pray! I’m sure God is letting Janet know all about the love that each one of us is showering on her, and when we do, God and Janet’s love comes right back to us.

    Thank you, all you Team Janet friends whom I don’t even know, her family back east that I haven’t seen in a number of years, Andrew, Laurel, Heather and Cam, what a beautiful and strong Mother you have always had and she is still showing you what she is made of. What an inspiration. Larry, I took care of my Aunt and my Mother in care facilities, and until Janet waves good bye is healed, vigilant notice of what is going on and for them to know you are watching is needed. You’ll never know how your being on top of things has moved Janet along, and bless you for that.


  4. Wanting to let the Team know that “Anonymous” did not mean to be anonymous, but somehow missed the spot to fill in my name. And because I’m so computer literate, can’t figure out how to fix it. So until I do, Annette will unwillingly remain “Anonymous”.

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