A sleepy Saturday.

Janet was sort of awake when I arrived this morning mostly because she was getting cleaned up and dressed. We chatted for a little while then I started stretching her. She was back asleep before I finished. By the time she woke it was getting close to lunch time so we did some sitting and standing then it was into the wheelchair for what I hoped would be a lap around the ward. She seemed pretty groggy all through the sitting session and wasn’t that interested in standing. She did give me a couple of really nice hugs though. Surprisingly as soon as she was in the wheelchair it was like “ok, let’s go!”. I hardly had to get her going and out the door we went. The ward was too busy so we headed for the elevators and the nice wide hallways of the main floor. Janet is starting to catch on to how she can get more power by starting higher on the wheel and she set a personal single push record today and a speed record. Back on the ward Dr. Jones watched her coming down the hall and was impressed Janet was watching him and continuing to drive. Previously she would stop whenever she felt she was being watched or she was too close to someone. Back in the room she stopped just short of the bed and I tried to get her to go that extra little bit but she refused. I went to get a gown and when I turned back into the room Janet had grabbed the end rail of the bed and was pulling herself past the bed. When she ran out of bed she grabbed the wheel and got herself all the way to the window. High five! I made sure Dr. Jones was aware of her determination to do that on her own.

Janet was also pretty determined to get back into bed and was asleep fifteen minutes later with her lunch feed pumping away.

Praying for communication and readiness for rehab.

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