A busy day for Houdieno so far.

Houdieno was at it strong when I arrived this morning and she gave me a nice smile. Diana came in right away and I helped her clean and dress Janet. Since she was so awake I sat her on the edge of the bed for twenty minutes. We brushed her hair and did some arm exercises but mostly just unassisted sitting. She’s getting better at catching herself when she leans too far to the right. After twenty minutes her eyes were getting heavy so time to lay down. I got really good stretches from her hips and legs today and she stayed awake the whole time. We were waiting for Tom when I realized he wasn’t going to be around till eleven so I had Janet sit up some more. I tried to get her to talk or make some sounds or open her mouth or stick out her tounge but all I got was a slight mouth opening. I will say I thought she was trying a few times.

Dr. Jones came in to see how Janet was doing and commented that he sees significant improvement since he last saw her. He’s the one she waved to. He mentioned that the psychiatrist had been in to see Janet this morning as well as Dr. McCann yesterday. I’m a little upset I missed the shrink and disappointed he came in when she was likely sleeping or at least sleepy. I’m going to try and find out who he is and what he thinks.

Tom showed up at eleven and we put Janet on her tummy. Tom did some range of motion with her in that position and had Janet raising and lowering her left lower leg on command a number of times. High five! She lasted a good forty five minutes before I flipped her over and Diana plugged her in for lunch. Despite all the activity she was in slight Houdieno mode when I left.

Looking forward to an active afternoon.



  1. Excellent to give some thought to mental health issues. No kidding Janet could be depressed and there might be specific things to do to counteract this in terms of conversation, news worthy current events, activities, family stuff, goal setting …. who knows …. but the psychiatrist should have excellent advice.

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