September 6, 2012 PM

I hope y’all are going to the blog site frequently and not just reading the updates from email. On the site you are able to read comments to each post from your fellow Teammates and post comments yourself of course. Brenda visited Janet this afternoon and posted a comment about it. I hope you’ll read it along with all the other comments and contribute some as well. It’s more fun that way and I can read them to Janet too.

I arrived just as Brenda was leaving and Janet was awake but as I was stretching her in preparation for a walk outside she fell asleep for an hour. I used to be a little upset about these frequent naps but I’ve come to realize that Janet is so much more aware and responsive when she’s awake now that maybe the naps are what’s helping her get there and not just a result of being awake and active. She seems really peaceful during these sleep times I pray there is healing going on.

We got outside and down to the beach on a spectacular late afternoon. The water was very sparkly and the sky very clear and blue. There were more people there than I expected and Janet enjoyed watching two little girls play in the waves and sand. We took the long way back to the hospital and Janet picked some grapes from a vine hanging over the sidewalk. I put her hand up to touch them and she felt around and looked at them for a bit then pulled a small bunch off and put them on her lap. We stopped at a plum tree but couldn’t quite reach them and she wasn’t interested in some larger grapes we saw. Probably knew they weren’t wine grapes. Back in the room I thought we would do some sitting and standing but Janet wanted to lay down right away so she did and I read an article about the Me to We Foundation to her before she went for another nap. This one lasted right through dinner and she only woke up in time for me to read a little more before saying goodnight. I still got my kiss but she was right back to sleep as soon as I changed to leave.

I spoke with Cathryn tonight and she said she has the criteria that Janet needs to meet to get into KGH rehab and the facility in Alberta. We are going to meet next Wednesday to discuss. Apparently Dr. McCann stopped by Janet’s room today while I was gone and Cathryn was please he is keeping tabs on her. I figured he would not have seen much as she likely was sleeping the whole time I was gone and she said that’s ok as he would be reading her chart and noting what the nurses and Hospitalists are entering. I asked her to mention to him that I want to chat and I will continue to try and track him down. I updated Cathryn on Janet’s latest achievments and she was excited to hear about her progress.

Praying for a restful and healing night and the ability to communicate.


  1. I see that I have made the calendar … and not as a pin-up girl. I am expecting to visit Janet Oct 1, 2 &3. If anyone wants me to deliver anything or do anything while I’m there just say the word.

  2. Is Nancy , Nancy Church? If it is I could send up with her some Photos of Windridge kids staff etc. maybe it might twig something.

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