September 6, 2012 AM

A stand up day for Janet. Just not where we thought.

Because Janet is officially C diff. positive she is not allowed to participate in any rehab games. She can roll through but not touch anything. Tom came in around nine to tell me that and Janet seemed visibly disappointed she wasn’t going as I believe she had herself psyched up to go. Not sure why this wasn’t pointed out during the set up phase, I thought of it but wasn’t going to bring it up as I really want Janet to have a shot at this. I spoke to Dr. Sharko and she agreed that Janet isn’t displaying any symptoms of C diff. but until she is off the antibiotic she can’t even be tested. Dr. Sharko set up a test for Monday and Tom will set up an appointment in rehab for next week.

The day got off to a busy start with nurse Diana in the room when I arrived. She is nice but not the most detail oriented or delicate person so she made more of a mess around Janet than when she came in and I had to get Janet into the wheelchair so the bed could be changed. So after all the rolling around and shifting up and down Janet was relieved to sit in the chair for twenty minutes. I sat her on the edge of the nice clean bed and she insisted on staying there for fifteen minutes before her eyes started closing. I started stretching her as Tom was coming soon with the tilt table.

Janet woke up as I was finishing her legs and was good and ready for some serious standing. She set a record today going almost an hour at seventy degrees. Tom was happy the way her legs stretched out and she seemed to handle the pressure on her feet and ankles well. Leanne did some range of motion with Janet while standing and Janet followed Leanne’s command to raise her left arm above her head and let it down ten times back to back. High five! She gave a better one to Leanne than me and seemed sad when Leanne left. Janet’s vitals stayed very stable throughout and she had a real good sweat going by the end of it all. Back in bed she was asleep before I could change her shirt so I headed home for my break with Brenda coming in to visit a little before two. Hoping Janet is well rested and raring to go.

One comment

  1. It’s Brenda here. I’m smiling as I write this ’cause it was such a delight to be with Janet again today. She was sleeping when I first arrived, but woke up a few min. later as Diane came in to give her another dose of antibiotics. I got to read Ann of Green Gables with Janet..(a favourite series of Sarah’s and mine from days gone by). As soon as I started reading Janet pulled herself closer to the edge of the bed (she was sitting up in bed at this point) and I leaned in as close as possible too. She was alert and attentive, watching my face for every word and expression, at least that’s what it seemed to me. I think I even caught the beginning of a smile a couple of times. It was lovely. We read a full chapter. By then, Janet was needing a change of position…was very patient with me as I tried to help her, but I could tell I wasn’t quite cutting it. Her expression was priceless, like “what in the world is this woman trying to do to me!” I laughingly apologized to dear Janet for my lack of ability and went to to get some help. A nurse quickly came to assist me. We looked at a couple of other books that Janet held and took turns turning the pages. Just as I was leaving, Larry came in to take Janet outside for some fresh air. May His peace be yours in abundance Janet and may you sense His healing hand upon you, bringing strength and wholeness once again. xo~Brenda

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