September 5, 2012 PM

A rather mellow afternoon with Janet.

I arrived to find her in Houdieno mode and Janet F. in the room for a visit. Interesting to see how close Houdieno comes to actually falling out of bed head first. She’s getting close folks. Janet had a little nap towards the end of Janet F’s visit and when she awoke we just had time to drive around the ward in the little wheelchair before dinner. Janet did well and I got excited when we saw a baby visiting someone in a hallway bed. I thought Janet would be all over seeing a baby. We made it up to the bed and I was telling Janet how there’s a baby there and the mom picked the baby up so we could see and the kid smiled and laughed and blew bubbles with her tongue stuck out, could not have been cuter, seriously. Janet looked at her like she was from Mars for about a minute then put her hand on the wheel and drove off.

Back in the room I sat Janet on the edge of the bed for some unassisted sitting before dinner. I did help her straighten her back a few times, she loves that, but overall she sat there for a good forty minutes. About fifteen minutes in Naomi came in to start dinner and Janet clearly wanted no part of lying down yet so we started the feed with her sitting up. Cool. A silly preschool song came on that has a bunch of actions to it for waking up in the morning and exercising. I tried doing the actions with Janet and thought I was in total control of her and she wasn’t paying attention until the guy singing said “stand up”, and Janet leaned into me and put her hand on my shoulder like let’s stand up. I was not in position to help her stand but congratulated her on the effort. High five! She did finally indicate she wanted to lay down and when she was all comfy I read some more Anne of Green Gables to her. She was totally in to it again and when I stumbled over a couple of lines she shot me a raised brow look like “you dummy” then smiled. She knew I screwed up. I didn’t laugh or anything but I guess she could tell my cadence had changed and maybe she didn’t understand some of the words. Impressive.

She very willingly gave me a goodnight kiss followed by a “we just kissed, hee hee hee”, kind of smile. Love her.

Praying for a very alert, responsive and strong Janet during her physio workout at rehab tomorrow.

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