September 5, 2012 AM

A decent day so far.

Janet had already been cleaned and changed when I arrived at eight this morning, the music was even playing, well done Naomi. Only problem was Janet was sleeping. She woke up at nine and we got into some stretching and sitting and standing. A solid performance by Janet, not her best but solid. She of course had a little nap after that then we did more sitting. This time totally unassisted and I tried giving her tasks to do while sitting. She managed a couple of weak hair brushing strokes by her left ear and a few more on her cheeks and chin. She has always been concerned about facial hair but hers isn’t that long. I don’t think she fully gets the hair brush thing yet and after each stroke she wants to look at the brush to see if there’s anything in it. I held up the mirror so she could see herself brushing but that had little effect. I did get a hug out of her so that was worth the effort right there. With a little prodding she managed to lay down almost unassisted then I sat the bed up so we could do a little iBlackboard work. Right off the bat she was drawing a circle on command. Many circles all in one again but a circle none the less. That seemed to tire her out so nap time it was.

Tom came in around 11:30 and slid her into the little wheelchair. From there he did this cool standing exercise where Janet has her left hand on the bed rail pushing herself up as she leans forward into Tom who is picking her up from the hips. She was a little scared or uncomfortable the first couple times, leaving her head on Tom’s shoulder, then I tried it with her and she straightened right up and was looking all around quite confidently. This kinda feeds my suspicion that she doesn’t really connect with Tom right now. He has arranged a workout session for Janet in rehab tomorrow around eleven. I look forward to taking her down there for that and have been telling her continually she needs to do really well there.

Naomi came in to start the lunch feed around 12:15 and I mentioned that this round of C diff. doesn’t seem nearly as intense as the first. She agreed and doesn’t think Janet has it right now. I asked if we could send another sample away and she agreed to as soon as they are able to collect one.

Praying for some clear communication from Janet.

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