September 4, 2012 PM

An active afternoon it was. I could tell Janet had been in Houdieno mode while I was gone but she was asleep when I arrived. When she woke it was time for a little stretching then a phone call to Mary/Gaga. Janet listened intently often looking directly at the phone. She likes to hear her mother’s voice. A walk in the sun was next and in the essence of time I drove off the ward and to the beach. I did get Janet to push the elevator button though and she did. I guide her hand to it but she can now get enough force behind her finger to light the button. It was a beautiful afternoon here and only a handful of people at the beach. I could tell Janet was loving the warm sun. She was also the most comfortable in the chair I’ve noticed for a long time. She still grabs for her left knee but not with the sense of pain and urgency of before. On the way back I challenged her to drive all the way from the security desk in the Centennial Building to the first bench in the hall. About fifty feet. She did it non stop. High five! I drove a little ways farther down the hall and challenged her to go the rest of the way to the door. About forty feet. She did with only one short pause and did not take her hand off the wheel. High five! Also on this outing for the first time I noticed Janet grab the wheel herself. I have always had to guide her hand to it so this is a good sign she is gaining confidence. Back in the room it was past dinner time (oops) so into bed she went. I suggested we weigh Janet then so we did. A slight loss from last week but very slight so I’m not concerned.

I expected a nap during dinner and was wrong so I brought school into session. She loves iBlackboard. She scribbled unassisted a few times then I tried getting her to write Y, X, a circle and a check mark. Pictures of her attempt at Y and X are attached. I think she did well considering. She totally has the motion for drawing a circle but as you can see she just doesn’t want to stop. She only had mild interest in the ABC song today and none in the Naming Therapy. No luck with signing either but the drawing more than made up for that.

I could sense her starting to tire and the sun was setting so I decided to read some Anne of Green Gables. Aren’t I brave? I’ve never read it before. Too girly but I have to admit it is fun to read. Love the style and the word choices. I’m amazed at how into it Janet is. She had her head on my shoulder the whole thirty minutes and I guess listened because she didn’t fall asleep. Cool. I got her changed for bed, she gave me a goodnight kiss and I left feeling very happy and encouraged by everything that she did today.

Thanking God, thanking Team Save Janet and praying for complete healing and a productive day tomorrow.




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