September 4, 2012 AM

Some things are worth waiting for.

Janet was awake when I came in this morning and was getting cleaned up. As soon as Naomi was done Janet was back to sleep. Till 10am! Think of the sleep in I could have had. I did manage to be productive while waiting and she woke up just in time for Tom’s physio session. He wanted to demonstrate the high tech sliding board to me as I had not seen it in action. It is a plastic board with a disc that Janet sits on and she in theory can slide herself from bed to chair and back. We were both in demonstration mode not expecting much from Janet as she had just woken up but she totally understood what was going on and how she could move herself. Once about half way across she could grab the arm rail of the wheelchair and she pulled herself the rest of the way. High five!(which she gladly gave to Tom btw). It’s more difficult going back into the bed but still good for Janet to try. I demonstrated the standing from sitting that I do with Janet and Tom was happy. So much so that he suggests we take her to rehab to try a couple workout sessions there. Apparently there is a “standing rack” down there that would allow Janet to stand in the position I had her in only on her own and for much longer. I can only hold her for a minute at a time. Tom is also wanting to see how Janet responds to the busy environment of rehab in hopes that the stimuli there might trigger some re connections in her brain. Praying that this is a foot in the door to rehab if she does well.

The good news continues as after Tom was done I took Janet for a drive around the ward in the little wheelchair. She did the best she’s ever done. On one stretch she went about thirty feet without stopping. She also did a lot of moving without me coaching her. High five!

So far this round of C diff. doesn’t seem as bad as the first round. I left Janet at 12:30 as she was napping during her lunch feed. Looking forward to an active afternoon.

One comment

  1. Larry, I must have missed you by literally seconds because I arrived just at 12:30. Janet was sleeping when I got there but I took that time to sing over her and pray for her. When she woke up I greeted her and said, “Hey Janet, I hear that Kiko painted your finger nails”. She thrust out her hand to show me her beautiful, pink nails. How awesome is that? Janet looked absolutely beautiful when she woke up from her nap, but she seemed anxious to sit up and get going.
    Larry, I’m going to need some coaching on how to help her sit up. On a side note: I watched her legs while she was sleeping and they were moving around quite a bit…something I have not seen before. I think that’s great!
    Seeing more progress each time and I thank God for that…and for you Larry and every member of the Team Save Janet, (BTW, I love wearing the T-shirt around the hospital and love to watch people’s faces as they read it and …wonder!::))

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