September 3, 2012 PM

What a “diff.” three hours makes! After returning from a lunch break and while Kiko was painting Janet’s finger nails it was announced that the C diff. is back. Ugh. Apparently the test results we saw from this morning were from a sample sent a few days ago and yesterday’s sample came back positive this afternoon. That means Janet was clear for a while but has recontracted. I suspect Dr. Sharko will put her on some med for it tomorrow and back to the gloves and gowns we go. Sigh.

The return of the C diff. put a real damper on the rest of the day which had been pretty darn good up until that point. Deb and Ramona stopped by the house on my break and left a nice care package. Thanks you guys. Totally unnecessary but very much appreciated and it’s so nice to have you on the team! After Kiko painted Janet’s finger nails I sat her up on the side of the bed and did some standing with her. She continues to improve at this, standing way more upright each day. She is also getting better at lying back down on her own, I help with the legs and aiming her for the right spot and she does the rest. Janet fell asleep around 5:15 and was still out just after six when I decided to go home. Once again as soon as I changed and leaned in to say goodnight she woke up. I very reluctantly left anyways telling her to get lots of rest and make that C diff. go away.

Praying for a restful and healing night and a day of massive improvement tomorrow.

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