September 3, 2012 AM

C Diff. is officially gone! Yay!

No more gloves and gown! Test results came back negative so all that needed to be done was a detailed cleaning of the room. Janet was awake when I arrived after a reported very good nights sleep. I got her all stretched out just as the special cleaning lady showed up. She cleaned the wheelchair first then I got Janet into it and we went for a walk while the rest of the room got sanitized.
We found a nice warm sunny spot in the courtyard of the rehab area and Janet had a twenty minute sun nap. We then took a lap around the perimeter of
the hospital and ended up going down to the rehab wing. Dr. Main saw us and was very impressed and happy with Janet’s progress. It has been a month since he was Hospitalist on her ward. Still always amazes me how people see the changes in Janet right away. Cool.

Back in the room it was noon and past Janet’s lunch time so back into bed she went and Mirella plugged her in for lunch. As I said goodbye to go home for a bit, I asked for a goodbye kiss and got one! Happy day!

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