September 2, 2012 AM

Laurel and Raju hung out with Janet for the first part of today before hitting the trail to cowtown.

Laurel gave Janet a good stretch then practiced sign language with her. That went well then Janet scribbled a bit on the iblackboard. Laurel feels Janet likes that app. She always has preferred old school stuff. Only a couple small naps for Janet before Laurel and Raj left just after noon.

Grateful for the opportunity to worship at Trinity this morning and welcoming some new members to the Team. Thank you Deb and Ramona for the promise of food for the freezer and I look forward to training Ramona on the range of motion exercises for Janet. If anyone else is able to visit Janet for thirty minutes or so at anytime and read or sing or tell jokes please let me know.

Looking forward to my visit this afternoon.

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