September 1, 2012 PM

Many thanks to those that helped care for Janet while Laurel, Cam and I were away. Especially to Kiko who continues to bless Janet with loving attention and musical therapy. Congratulations on your first Physio session with her today Kiko! You are an invaluable part of this team. A huge thank you to Joel, Wendy, Twyla, Wayne, Kiko, Kyle and Nick for the thoughtful card of support and the gift cards! The iTunes one has been used to purchase an app for Janet that was recommended by the speech therapist. Laurel, Raj and I tried it out tonight and we feel it will be very useful and worth the investment. More info here. Naming Therapy

I love my wife. That’s all I can say.

Laurel and Raj arrived around 4:30 to find Janet very awake. They did a little stretching and some sign language practice with Janet doing well with the yes sign. Laurel read some Anne of Green Gables to Janet and there was one line that reads funnier than intended and Raj laughed at it which made Laurel laugh at it and they noticed a big smile on Janet’s face as well. Maybe we need to do some comedy therapy next. Their visit was very positive with Janet staying awake till about 6.

I arrived just after seven to a real pretty smile from my beautiful wife. One ongoing lesson from this ordeal is the reinforcement of “appreciate the small things”. A simple smile from her after not seeing her for thirty two hours was enough to fill my heart (and my eyes but we won’t talk about that). She was incredibly bright my whole visit and was following commands like crazy. Even with her nurse at snack time. I dare say Janet seems to really have stepped it up a notch or two these past few days. I’m really looking forward to my afternoon with her tomorrow.

Laurel and Raj are heading back to Calgary tomorrow where Cam is now as well. Praying for a safe drive for them and very grateful for the important work Laurel has done with her mom so far and for Raj being so supportive to both Janet and Laurel. Janet will miss Cam’s late night visits but maybe her sleep patterns will improve now 🙂

Really looking forward to tomorrow and thanking God for all we have been blessed with.

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  1. And we are blessed with the Wallace and Dieno family, teaching all of us about patience, love and endurance. Larry your comment about appreciating the little things teaches us all to stop and take stock. Bless you and please God, heal your beautiful daughter, mother and wife. All of our prayers are behind you for continued strength and inspiration from above. The Salley family loves you all very much.

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