August 31, 2012 AM

A quick update before Cam and I hit the road. Janet was sleepy till 9:30 then had a quick change before Tom arrived to put her on the tilt table. She tolerated it really well and actually seemed quite relaxed the whole 35 minutes.

Looking forward tom seeing her tomorrow night.



  1. Due to minor chaos at work I was not able to visit this afternoon. After sushi at Mizu, Joel and I headed down to see Janet tonight. Janet was half sitting on her bed when we arrived so we helped her with her sit ups. Joel asked if he could read her a book but she seemed intent on exercising. She looked concerned / uncomfortable at first, but as time went on, the frown went away and she looked more relaxed and peaceful. I stretched her right hand and told her we will do a nice yoga session tomorrow morning. We exchanged high 5’s (which she did when asked, to both Joel and I!) and we said good night. Tomorrow’s gonna be a good day!!

  2. September 1, 2012 AM
    Janet was asleep when I arrived. I started playing music softly to wake her up. First bit I spent wiping her face, brushing her hair, etc – general grooming. Then I stretched her out. My first experience 🙂 She did seem more loosened up after, which was great. After that she snored away softly. I took that opportunity to take off her nail polish (to see the white part of the nails that needed the trim) and trimmed and filed her nails. Didn’t get a chance to repaint – perhaps one of the TSJ members can do that when they visit, cuz Janet seemed sad that the pink nail polish was gone. I left just before 1:30 and told her to expect Laurel and Raj later this aft and Larry tonight.

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