August 30, 2012 PM

I know you are all laughing at the picture so I will talk about that first. I DID NOT PUT THE BOOTY ON HER HEAD. Honest! I had put her into bed for dinner and put one booty on her tummy while I put the other on her foot. I knew she started playing with it and by the time I looked up to see what she was doing she had it on her head and was making it “just so”. I laughed so hard and scrambled to take a picture before she realized what she had done. With the picture taken I was able to laughingly tell her that is not a hat and she took it off. I laughed so much she actually smiled!

It was a very enjoyable afternoon with Janet. I really missed her yesterday and was happy she was awake when I came in. Brenda was finishing her visit and had been singing to her when Janet woke up. I coached Brenda through some basic range of motion exercises she can do with Janet then had a little chat with Christi and Arlene. Christi mentioned some redness on Janet’s coccyx and we noticed some discoloration around her peg site. I asked Dr. Price to have a look and he said her coccyx is a little red but not nearly like it has been in the past so no worries there. When he came in I asked Janet to roll onto her side so he could look and she did! Dr. Price said he had not seen a peg site go the color Janet’s is right now but feels its just a mild reaction to the silver that was put on it a couple days ago. We will watch it closely. Laurel was a little concerned about Janet’s cough today so Dr. Price had a good listen and says her chest and lungs seem fine and the cough is likely a result of her inability to swallow effectively. I asked about that and he agreed to order a swallow test as it has been over a month since the last one. I think Janet is close to being able to try some food orally but not quite yet. The test will be interesting. I also asked him about the C diff. and he was unsure of protocol at KGH. Christi later said they will send another sample to the lab and if negative we are good to lose the gloves and gowns.

Just as Dr. Price arrived so did Kiko ready to learn some range of motion stuff too. Kiko will stretch Janet out for us Saturday morning while I’m in Calgary and Laurel is in Vancouver. If anyone else has time to visit Friday afternoon or Saturday please do.

Janet and I went for a little stroll to the beach then up to the front of KGH. She drove her wheelchair a little bit but not as well as previous. When I told her it was time to go in for dinner she immediately released the brake on her wheelchair! She actually took the handle right off and had a good look at it. Back in the room it was into bed for dinner and of course the booty hat. Janet fell asleep shortly after dinner stated to I went home to load the car up for Calgary. Cam has done a good job of getting ready.

Laurel and I went back to say goodnight to Janet this evening and she was sound asleep. We got her into her PJ top and splint and left her to rest.

Praying for a safe drive to Vancouver for Laurel, a safe flight to Vancouver for Raju, a safe drive to Calgary for Cam and I, and a joyous day for Nancy and Jim Church as their daughter Gillian is married tomorrow. Praying also for Janet’s full and immediate healing.


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  1. Hahahahahaha thank you for sharing this – seriously we laughed soooo hard!! Two things. 1. Janet’s cool expression is priceless. 2. She was making it “just so” LOLOL

    Today was definitely another confirmation that Janet hears and can do what she is asked to do. Really cool. And I can go on about the beautiful way Janet looks at Larry as her care provider but I will bawl like a baby so I’ll stop right here. Looking forward to spending time with her on Saturday!

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