August 30, 2012 AM

From Laurel

A very sleepy morning for Mom. The nurse said she was following commands extremely well as she was getting her cleaned up this morning, but since then she has seemed pretty tired. The report over the night was that she was “moving a lot throughout the night,” so I wouldn’t be surprised if she is catching up on missed sleep today. I also think she may just not be feeling the greatest.

Tom did a physio workout that I felt was pretty lack lustre, so I planned to do an extra workout of my own with her afterward. Unfortunately, her sleep got a little in the way of that, but we did do some extra stretching eventually. A little reading and then she was back to sleep again, with a visit from Brenda on the agenda shortly after I left. Larry is headed down now, so hopefully she is caught up on sleep and ready for a good afternoon with him.

One comment

  1. It’s Brenda here…when I arrived at around 1:30pm today Janet was still asleep. I decided to sing quietly while she slept (a first for me to do that with her). I began with Here I Am To Worship, then sang Our God, Enough and Awakening. When I sang the last line/word of the song, “In Your presence, in Your power, awakening”, she opened her eyes! Talk about perfect timing. 🙂 We chatted a little, then she began to get fidgety. No doubt she was ready for a position change, but I wasn’t too sure how to move her. Larry arrived shortly thereafter and I got a lesson in moving the bed, positioning Janet for her exercises, as well as helping her do her hand, arm and leg stretches. Great timing Larry, and what a patient instructor you are! Looking forward to my next visit with you Janet. xo

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