August 29, 2012 PM

From Laurel

Mom was a little more subdued this afternoon than this morning. Kiko stopped by for a couple of hours after I left this afternoon, but it sounds like Mom slept through most of it. Her only major nap today though, which was good. Kiko kindly came back as I was leaving at 8 this evening to try to catch Mom more awake, so I’m hoping she had better luck with her second try. Mom was quickly put in her wheelchair for an earlier dinner when I arrived, and I am guessing her knee pain was at least in part to do with her less bright, more worried expression. I propped her left foot up on some pillows while she was in her chair, which seemed to relax her somewhat. I had brought a pinwheel to try to help Mom with relearning some mouth movements (e.g., blowing on it to make it move), but she didn’t seem interested, nor did she really want to look much at books. Not her greatest few hours. Interestingly however, at one point I got up to throw my banana out and left my glove on my chair, and as I walked back to my chair Mom picked the glove up as if to make sure I didn’t sit on it and then put it back on my lap when I sat down. So cute. After dinner we went for a walk outside to try to perk her up, but she seemed a little overwhelmed going through the halls. A little better once outside, but better yet when finally back in bed. Best part of my week came as I leaned in to thank her for the day together and to say goodnight, and she began rubbing my back. So amazing.

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