August 29, 2012 Kiko

From Kiko

Yes I did have a better luck the second time! 😊 After Laurel left, Janet (wearing a super cute pink PJ) wanted to practice her get up move. I helped her with that a few times. Then I brought out my fruit props. A banana (dying one) and an apple. She held each one in her hand and looked at them intently as I told her what they were. Then the cutest moment came when she noticed a sticker on the apple. She successfully took it off and gave the sticker to me when I asked, and then gave me the apple, cuz now it was ready to be eaten πŸ˜ƒ Then I gave her the hairbrush, she also looked at it intently but seemed a bit confused as to where she should be holding this pokey thing…? I asked her if she could brush her hair and she didn’t, so I guided her to brush my hair and she did! I wiped her face as usual, then it was time to jet as my ride arrived. She seemed quite alert tonight, and I’m glad I came back to have a short but quality time with beautiful Janet. Thank you for the opportunity. xoxoxo

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